What SecureForm.com does

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SecureForm.com is a web based application that enables you, through your web browser, to quickly and easily build web forms. These forms can be anything such as secure forms for taking details from your customers, contact forms, surveys and polls, in fact you can create any kind of form you want.

Building a form

You build your web forms using our advanced web based drag & drop form builder system. You can simply add form elements such as a Text Field to your form by clicking a button and then dragging into the place you want it. Its child’s play!

There are also various pre-made templates for the more popular forms such as contact forms, etc...

Collecting responses

Once you have built your secure form you can then embed it into your site and/or link to it from your existing website (if you have one). If you don’t have a website then you can just send your visitors directly to the form.

Analysing the results

Once people have started to fill in your forms you can view the submitted data and also run various reports on it. You can view the data in a grid view (similar to a spreadsheet) and even export to your favourite programs such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

SecureForm.com will also generate various graphs and charts to help you visualise the data. This is very useful for polls and surveys where you want to see the results quickly and in a simple format.

Secure Form | Build Your Forms Online
Secure Form | Build Your Forms Online
Secure Form | Build Your Forms Online